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Quality Management Company, LLC (QMC) is the exclusive auditing body for the American Institute of Steel Construction’s certification programs.

It is the mission of the QMC auditors to verify that the required quality management system has been established, implemented and maintained.

Learn more at the AISC Certification Website.

Stage 1 Audit. A documentation assessment is performed to determine the readiness of a quality management system for certification. It includes a review of the quality manual, associated procedures required by the certification program, and sample records that show compliance with the requirements. 

You can learn more about the Stage 1 Audits in section 3 of AISC's Governing Requirements.

Stage 2 Audit. A remote assessment, site assessment, or combination of both that are performed to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of the written quality management system during the initial application process.

See Section 4 Planning For Your Audit in AISC's Governing Requirements for more information.

Looking for a qualified organization to audit your quality management program? Send us an email at and we can begin the conversation!