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The AISC Certification program and QMC's audit are really helpful for maintaining and improving our quality management system. And I would like to thank our auditor specially for their professionalism and leading for last audit.

Thank you for your attention to our audit. It was remarkably thorough and informative. Your audit and the feedback that you provided was of tremendous value in showing us the level of detail expected of us from the industry.

These audits are invaluable to our system here; we always welcome the fresh look at our progress and welcome the opportunity to improve ourselves with the guidance provided.

It was a pleasure and very educational. I feel like it was more helpful to ensure that we have been on the correct track with following and implementation of the QC program.

There is no doubt that your input will help us keep better records, consolidate our efforts and all around help us to be a much more efficient machine. Your depth of knowledge is amazing and I hope we have the privilege of being audited by you again.

It was a pleasure having you in our plant for the audit. Really appreciate your professionalism, your willingness to help & your ability to ease the nerves of folks during your process. Best of luck to you & hope to cross paths with you down the road sometime.